Gail Gibbons

Healthcare Professional


My Story

I’m a nurse and healthcare professional with expertise in healthcare management. Improving the health and lives of others continues to be a passion. Navigating the healthcare system should have a clear map with no one left out of the equation. Healthcare is complex. I have had the opportunity to learn and grow at innovative startup and high profiled managed care organizations. As a life-long learner I continue to be fascinated with new technologies connecting to humanity and hope to be part of building quality-driven solutions that add value.

I am the proud mother of two children. In my free time you might find me drawing, playing the guitar, planting flowers in the garden, or teaching myself an exciting new skill.





It’s important in this agile healthcare environment to be resourceful. Building something great in healthcare needs to address what the customer or market needs or wants. As a professional healthcare leader, I have a versatile background from leading to creating clinical solutions with evidence-based information. I have developed clinical products and programs to support both providers and consumers on their health journey. I’m inspired by organizational development from the ground up. And it’s important to build accurate clinical content infrastructure together with diverse inter-disciplinary teams.

The health care management industry continues to evolve into targeting diverse populations. I have clinical expertise in managing holistic case and disease management from the front-line call center to building and designing population health and wellness programs. Strategic planning and quality-driven interventions that promote results and engagement are vital. Content consistency and governance are the pieces that help maintain the validity of products. I’m skilled at working under pressure and adapting to new situations and challenges to best enhance an organizational brand.

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I’m experienced at reviewing and translating evidenced-base guidelines into easy-to- learn concepts and education. Together, sharing the knowledge and explaining why change is important includes understanding how or what is broken and how to prevent it from breaking. I’ve learned as a change agent that bringing in all stakeholders in advanced builds trust and better outcomes.

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